Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is the ability to control and manage our subjective strong emotional feelings such as love, anger, sorrow, fear, joy, hate, etc which are caused by our thought process under the external stimuli of peer influencing and circumstantial situations.

The floodgates of the dam must be opened in time to save the dam from bursting and flooding. Similarly, the surging emotional feelings must be controlled in time to save the person from bursting out and ruining relationships.

Recognizing, realizing and accepting our emotional feelings and learning to balance the resultant outcome is emotional wellness practicing. Life often throws challenges in all walks of life, to face and overcome these obstacles to sustain in life is an art that is part of emotional wellness programmers.

An emotionally charged person will lack the self control to restrain themselves from escalating the situations by forcibly expressing their feelings. The resultant guilt will linger for a long time and can impact the self-confidence level too.

An emotionally healthy state is attained when we build the self-control to suppress the surging subjective emotional feelings experiences to equate with the objective emotional experiences as per the standards.

An iron rod requires to be heated to form shapes; we require self-control exercises to shape our thoughts and actions to best suit the healthy living conditions in our society.

We must bring a change in our lifestyle to gracefully accept others’ emotions, focus on the positive aspects of life, adapt to any changes in living conditions, brave the tough times & strive to overcome to find the joyin the moments of our life by following the guidelines of emotional wellness.

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