Occupational Wellness

Occupational Wellness is all about how well we achieve a balance between work and leisure time, addressing workplace stress and building relationships with co-workers. Occupational wellness encourages us to focus on our search for the right career and inspires us to explore various career options and find our right fit.

Our ability to derive satisfaction from the job, get enriched as we progress in our career, and find a sense of fulfillment in our job performance are the core values of occupational wellness.

The self-check parameters of occupational wellness by asking self-analyzing the following

Am I optimizing my skills and talents to perform positively?
Am I enjoying my job and workspace?
Am I finding the purpose in my job, am I focused?
Am I up-skilling and progressing?
Am I organized to handle the work space stress?
Am I able to balance work and leisure times?
Am I good at upkeeping the relationships?

Socrates’ (socrota) life time search was “to know him”, he in the process of finding an answer to this self-question finally had found that “humans were always in the constant search for happiness”.

Our happiness in what we are doing will keep us in a healthy state of our mind and body. Our occupation (career) should be chosen to give us job satisfaction, meaning in our job performance, the drive to work optimally and positively.

We should be able to find the right balance between work and leisure times to avoid getting stressed. Cordial and productive relationships in our work environment are the key factor for career growth.

Occupational wellness guides us to seek consistent learning opportunities and skill improvement programs either as part of our professional training or as our self growth steps. There are bound to be situations in the course of our career which would call for our balanced approach to avoid escalation and to find a viable solution. This would require our mind to be in a calm state to build our balanced approach and for that controlling our emotions are the basic criteria.

Single is alone, two is company and three is crowd is a popular one-liner. In life and career, we must adapt to all the three and as well expand to four, five and more. In a career we are a single person focusing on our career building, we are two as companions to share and care for, we are a team as coworkers to unite in performance and we are a large group as a company to find the purpose and meaning in our profession.

“The joy of working is in the job satisfaction”.  It is wise to follow the occupational wellness program to find your happiness and job satisfaction.

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