Social Wellness

Social wellness guides us to maintain a healthy relationship with our nears, dears and
connections by interacting in a healthy manner, being supportive and genuine in our
approach with others. Social wellness involves us to build and nurture healthy relations,
make sincere efforts to expand our human connectivity and genuinely care for the
welfare of others in our contact circle.

Chanakya was known as a bright, smart and shrewd scholar who believed and lived to
establish the equality among all humans irrespective of their status. He genuinely cared
for others’ welfare and strived to maintain a healthy relationship with all his contacts.

By nature, we do not prefer to remain in a solitary state for long hours rather we seek to
connect with others to spend valuable times which would give us a sense of belonging
and purpose. Our sincere approach and supportive nature will nourish us to build
healthy relationships which would reveal to us as to who we are and how well we fit in
the worldly contacts.

Our genuine intention to connect with those around us and the way we treasure these
connections will strengthen our relationships over the period of time. By maintaining a
solid social support system, we can derive the pleasures of human interactions which
will increase our positive outlook on life and actions. Socially active people are proven
to be healthier with an improved immune system and cardiovascular functioning.

Virtual connections and interactions have become the way of life which enables us to
connect at any convenient hour, grow our contacts and network at a faster pace.
Virtually connected, we can reach out to anyone across the globe in a fraction of
seconds and build our human connections. There are multiple online platforms that
support virtual meetings and interactions which technology we must put to good use for
and grow our network.

We can foster social wellness by following these steps
Be genuine and share your feelings honestly
Recognize the depth in the relationship and try to feel others influence on us
Be clear and conscious while interacting with others
Never judge others and listen intently
Be respectful when disagreeing with others’ views and opinions
Control your temper and be courteous in conversations
Ever since our birth it is the relationships that guide us to navigate in this world, teaches
us to interact in a healthy manner with others and supports us to express effectively.

Positive social habits will build a supportive system around us which will keep us
healthy both physically as well mentally.

Social wellness is a habit which will care for our wellness and of others in our

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