Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness is all about recognizing our creative abilities and applying that in situations
where there will be scope for expanding our knowledge and self-skills. We can seek intellectual
wellness through our personal and professional development, our cultural and community
involvement, and by developing our personal hobbies.

Brahma the Creator or the representation of creations is an illustration for intellectual wellness
since the creative thinking to explore various ideas and issues are the essence of intellectual

Intellectual wellness encourages relying more on rational thinking than the emotional influence
to analyze and sort issues; inspires to consistently explore intellectual growth possibilities by
creatively observing the life around.

Practicing intellectual wellness has multiple benefits like an improved self-tolerance level,
listening and respecting others sentiments and their values by which a sense of dignity and
belonging is derived in us. Our memory power gets enhanced, our expressions and speeches
will be refined, our communications will be precise, and all these will add a sense of purpose
and self-confidence in us.

The active methods of seeking intellectual wellness are
Consistently reading and learning
Learning and practicing new skills
Traveling and exploring native histories
Regular physical and meditation exercises
Curiosity driven activities

Exploring new ideas and understanding a variety of subjects makes us more mindful and a well-balanced person. Our constant search to gain new knowledge and the desire to seek for new
experiences will expand our intellectual wellness.

A common person will glance at the creeper plant and move on, an intellectual person will
study the creeper and how it is managing to climb the tree trunk to survive. The difference is in
the curiosity level which drives the intellectual person to innovate and the common person to
follow the innovation.

Curiosity and logical thinking are the qualities that might be resting inside us and let us practice
the intellectual wellness guidance to source these qualities and be an intellectual.

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