Physical Wellness

Physical wellness relates to the healthy state of a person’s physical fitness which builds the self-confidence level in the person to find even moving the mountains as an achievable task if need arises. The term “Agastya” relates to a person’s caliber of moving even the mountains irrespective of one’s physical stature.

An automobile will be mobile so long all the parts remain functional and in a good condition, else the automobile may go immobile. Our physique is also a functional system much like the automobile which requires all the body parts to be kept functional and in the healthy state to live a healthy life.

The shape, size and development of our body are our physiques. A good physique defines a person whose stature or appearance is presentable with a well-maintained body, less fat and more muscles. A physically fit person is someone who is agile, able to execute the daily activities with optimal performance, possesses the endurance and strength to manage fatigue, stress & disease.

The physically fit person will shun the sedentary type of lifestyle and live a life that is focused on physical wellbeing.

Muscular strength, physical endurance, body flexibility, body composition and aerobic fitness are the general physical fitness assessments which when assessed periodically and maintained, the physical wellness will ensure the quality of life, positive mindset, potential personal growth and a great attitude.

A raindrop falling on a hot iron rod will evaporate instantly
A raindrop falling on a lotus leaf will oscillate
A raindrop finding the way into an oyster can turn into a pearl
Let the physical wellness be the raindrop which we the oyster absorb to live a healthy life like a pearl.

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