Agastya vs Suddha— An undefeated fight or a beam balance of life!

Agastya and Suddha, If you look at these two words they seem like two very simple Sanskrit words. One means strength and the other means purity. But if you go deeper to it at Medpupil Agastya denotes PHYSICAL wellness and Suddha means Emotional wellness. Physical wellness relates to the healthy state of a person’s physical fitness on the contrary emotional wellness is the ability of an individual to showcase his feelings in an appropriate manner. Emotional wellness is the ability to control and manage our subjective strong emotional feelings such as love, anger, sorrow, fear, joy, hate, etc which are caused by our thought process. Both of these intellectually play a very important role in a person’s life. But I often wonder if they  stand “with” each other or whether they stand “against” each other. What is to be given more importance? Who wins in the race of time ?? Is it your physical wellness or is it your emotional wellness.  I feel like human race acts as a  servant to TIME. All the things that you , me any common man does is according to time.. may it be time of the clock or the time of his life. In an era where work life, money, finances , matter a lot there are things that consume you so much that its hard to not feel burdened. And irrespective of what you do there are very fewer things that will help you balance that fine line between personal life and professional life. When things start to get a little heavy one starts on a quest to find a solution to ease all of this , something to ease that burden life puts on you. Simple things like exercising , a walk , a small run , yoga, can help you let out that rage or anger that your work life puts on you! Can we call this physical wellness?? If not this one turns to meditation, listening to music, activities which will help balance out the emotional aspect of life! Can we call this working out on our emotional wellness?? Do these two go together?? Well if you ask me “WELLNESS”  is a term which means the combined efforts put by an individual to take care of one’s health both physically and emotionally, in order to have a healthy life both personally as well as professionally. Both these terms play an important role in this game called LIFE. Stress, tensions, issues are the part and parcel of life and they have to be dealt with in a healthy way! There is no emotional wellness without physical wellness and vice- a-versa. No human being can choose one as your wellness is all an inter dependent entity and one has to work for it! The world has too much to pull you down what matters the most is to balance it out both internally as well as physically!

image001 Agastya vs Suddha— An undefeated fight or a beam balance of life!

-Dr. Tanvi Tanksalkar

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